We are the guys that get together, shoot the shit, reminisce about our lives, skills, traumas, and occasionally make things go bump in the night. We embrace death. Death of a mindset, death of motivation, or just making the most of the present time. We are enlisted and veteran run. We are raw. We are absolutely not your typical business and we like it that way. We give back, give a fuck about our team, and want you to know that we are in fact real people just like you. We dont care nor do we need to know what your MOS is or was. We encourage you to reach out at any time when life decides to haunt you. We are not make believe in a world of fakeness. We relate to failure, strive for greatness, and want you to embrace yourself. Sometimes, you may feel a profound sense of fatigue or a feeling of emptiness, but do remember, you’re not alone.  

We are Raid Team Co. Welcome to the team.
Caz, Marc, Gypsy ,Stevo